Internships & Assistantships

Idaho National Laboratory

INL provides students, teachers, and professors the opportunity to learn how to solve real-world problems under the tutelage of world-renowned scientific and technical experts.

Center for Space Nuclear Research

Students have the opportunity to experience cutting-edge research in nuclear power and propulsion technologies through a Summer Fellowship Program

Energy Policy Institute (EPI)

EPI seeks highly motivated graduate students with a strong interest in energy policy. EPI usually posts Graduate Assistant (GA) positions each Spring and when grants are awarded.

Postdoctoral Research


Postdoctoral appointments allow Ph.D. students the opportunity to gain hands-on laboratory, research and development experience before they enter the workforce.

Learn more link: View INL Postdoc Opportunities:

Joint Appointments


Joint appointments enhance research collaboration between Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and university staff by enabling INL to provide universities with access to INL’s employees and resources. Joint appointees develop or conduct research and development at both the home and host institutions.

Through the program, lab employees may teach courses and conduct research at partner universities or professors can work with INL on specific projects. Within a joint appointment agreement, typically both INL and the university participate in the cost of the joint appointment.

Learn more on INL’s Joint Appointments page.

CAES Energy Scholars Program


Launched in 2013, the CAES Energy Scholars Program is a mentored internship and scholarship program focused on providing students with a real-world experience addressing energy challenges.  The internship is conducted through the INL, reaching out to college students pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering or math at the CAES partner universities.  The program is designed to help launch careers in the competitive world of energy research.  As CAES Energy Scholars, the students complete research at CAES and INL facilities, and learn about leading energy research, policy and laboratory procedures to help cultivate research insight and technical skills. As program participants, interns acquire research skills that enable them to develop into highly competitive candidates in the energy sector.


For more information on the CAES Energy Scholars program, students are encouraged to contact an INL Intern Specialist

Geothermal Design Challenge 2016


Geothermal Design Challenge Logo_Circle_RGB

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Geothermal Technologies Office, in partnership with the Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) and the Idaho National Lab (INL), invites both high school and university (undergraduate & graduate) teams to explore the future of geothermal energy and literally draw the heat beneath your feet.  Teams of 2-3 members will research data, interpret information and design an infographic that tells a compelling story about the future of geothermal energy.  The winning teams in each category will receive $2,500.  The grand prize winner will receive $2,500 and a trip to the Geothermal Resource Council 40th Annual Meeting on Oct 23-26 in Sacramento, CA.

Learn more on Geothermal Design Challenge 2016.

CAES Safety Education Certificate


A voluntary CAES Safety Certificate is awarded upon completion of a graduate research project at CAES. To achieve this, the student is required to sign up and commit to leading the work control/management process. Click here to access the form.

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