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Why is this research important?


Materials research is the key to solving some of the nation’s most pressing energy problems. Most major advances in our civilization – the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age – and in technology – silicon chips fro computers and phones – have occurred because of the creation of new materials.

Current Research


CAES researchers are creating and testing materials that can withstand extreme environments for a wide range of energy applications.

Much of their current research is focused on radiation-resistant and high-temperature materials for nuclear applications, advanced nuclear fuels, and complex oxides for gas separation. In addition, CAES researchers support a range of activities associated with the Nuclear Science User Facilities (formerly the Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific User Facility).

CAES researchers are working on a number of energy-related projects, including analyzing materials that could extend the life of the nation’s 100-plus light water nuclear reactors. They are also creating and testing oxide dispersion (ODS) alloys that could improve the operating efficiency of all types of power plants.

Recent Projects

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CAES Research Helps Solve Ancient Archeological Mystery

CAES researchers are helping determine the identity of the “Bearded Man, 170-180 A.D.


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