CAES Energy Efficiency Lead , Boise State University Dr. John Gardner 208-426-5702

Why is this research important?


Improving energy efficiency saves consumers money, reduces the amount of power utilities need to generate or purchase, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions. According to the International Energy Agency, making buildings, industrial processes and transportation more efficient could cut world energy consumption in 2050 by one-third.

Current Research


CAES researchers are currently evaluating energy-saving technologies currently on the market to see how well they work and study consumer behavior to determine which technologies they like best and what motivates them to conserve.

Tools and Capabilities

  • Traditional simulation of energy systems spanning widely varying time scales
  • Object-oriented modeling using Modelica
  • Data-driven modeling using high sample frequency data
  • High performance building design and analysis
  • Power system simulation and analysis
  • Measurement and analysis of in situ energy systems, specializing in industrial and manufacturing processes

Project Highlights

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Online software tool for photovoltaic projects.

Turby the award-winning wind turbine

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