Associate Vice President for Strategic Research Initiatives Dr. Harold Blackman (208) 426-5476

Why is this research important?


Through research collaborations, EPI’s Annual Energy Policy Research Conference, and more than 30 funded peer-reviewed publications and reports, EPI seeks to inform and educate policymakers and other stakeholders to aid them in making decisions about energy.

Current Research Projects


EPI has performed more than $4 million in funded research from the US Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, the Western Governors’ Association, the State of Idaho, international organizations, non-profits, and industry.

Select Projects include:

  • NSF grants to study transmission planning and the integration of renewable energy in Regional Transmission Organizations;
  • The economics of Small Modular Reactors; and
  • PVMapper – Decision support software to analyze technical considerations and social risk in siting utility-scale solar.

Recent Projects

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Online software tool for photovoltaic projects.