LECO LM247AT Microhardness Tester

Rigaku SmartLab X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)

Intelligent X-ray diffraction system

  • Powder diffraction, thin film diffraction, SAXS, in-plane scattering

Carver Presses inside Argon Glovebox

Two 25 ton Carver Presses

  • Two 25 ton Carver Presses
  • Model 3887 “AutoPellet” Press 5” dia Platen
  • Model 3891 9”x9” Heated Platen

Inert Glovebox – Non-Radioactive

  • Argon glovebox with less than 100 ppm oxygen

CM Furnace

1700C Furnace
Vacuum capability at low temperatures

Instrument LeadJatu Burns, (208) 533-8160

Thermal Technologies High Temp Furnace

Max Temp 2000C

Instrument Lead: Jatu Burns, (208) 533-8160

Precision Etching and Coating System (PECS-II)

Gatan model 682 precision etching and coating system

Manufacturer: Gatan
Model: 682 PECS-II

Instrument Lead: Jatu Burns, (208) 533-8160

Three penning ion guns with miniature rare earth magnets; Ion beam energy ranges from 1 kV to 10 kV; Ion current density for etch gun is up to 3 mA/cm2 and for coating gun is up to 10 mA/cm2 each; Etched area ranges from 7 to 10 mm depending on gun energy; Coating area is uniform over a 1 inch diameter; Standard coating materials are C, Cr, Pt, Pd, Au; Accepts 1.25” metallographic mounts and most SEM stubs.

Precision Ion Polishing System (PIPS)

Gatan model 695 PIPS-II

Manufacturer: Gatan
Model: 695 PIPS-II

Instrument Lead: Jatu Burns, (208) 533-8160

Two penning Ar ion guns with low energy focusing electrodes; Milling angles can be changed from -10 to 10 degrees for each gun independently; Ion beam energies range from 100 eV to 8 kV; Ion current density is 100 mA/cm2 at the peak; Whisperlock with X, Y stage to center the region of interest for re-polish; Digital Zoom microscope that operate in real time during milling; Color image stage in Digital Micrograph; Accommodates 2.3 mm, 3 mm conventional TEM disks, and FIB lamella; LN2 specimen cooling; Set up as a post-processing step for FIB lamella to remove FIB Ga ion beam damage.


Fischione Model 1040 Nanomill

Manufacturer: Fischione

Model: 1040

Instrument Lead: Jatu Burns, (208) 533-8160

Filament-based ion source combined with electrostatic lens system; Accelerating voltages range from 50 eV to 2 kV and are continuously adjustable; Beam current density is up to 1 mA/cm2; Beam diameter can be reduced to 1 μm at 2 kV; Milling angles range from -12 to 30 degrees; Ar ion beam can be targeted at one spot on the specimen or scanned within a selected area; LN2 conductive cooling; Stage temperature can be reduced to -170 degrees; Everhart-Thornley detector; SED-based imaging technology with 3 mm field of view; Set up to post-process FIB lamella and remove Ga ion beam damage.

Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

Instrument Lead: Yaqiao Wu, (208) 533-8112

Manufacturer: FEI Company
Model: Tecnai TF30-FEG STwin STEM

Instrument Lead: Yaqiao Wu, (208) 533-8112

Schottky field emitter with high maximum beam current (>100 nA); Flexible high tension, ranging from 50, 100 to 300 kV and values in between); High probe currents of 0.6 nA in 1 nm spot and 15 nA in a 10 nm spot; Small energy spread of 0.8 eV; TEM point resolution of 0.2 nm; TEM line resolution of 0.102 nm; Magnification ranging from 60X to 1,000,000X; Camera length ranging from 80 to 4,500 mm; STEM HAADF resolution of 0.19 nm; Specimen tilt ranging from -40 to 40 degrees for a double tilt holder and -80 to 80 degrees for a tomography holder; EDS solid angle of 0.13 srad; High resolution STEM with HAADF detector; Embedding of EDX, PEELS and energy filter; spectrum imaging with multiple detectors; Simultaneous data recording by STEM, CCD camera, EDX detectors, EELS spectrometers, and energy filters.

Polisher/Grinder – Non-Radioactive

Manufacturer: LECO Model: SS-1000 Spectrum System

Sample Prep Lead: Bryan Forsmann, (208) 533-8161

Linear Sectioning Machine – Non-Radioactive

Manufacturer: LECO Model: MSX-205MZ

Sample Prep Lead: Bryan Forsmann(208) 533-8161

Manufacturer: LECO

Model: MSX-205MZ

Polisher/Polisher – Non-Radioactive

Manufacturer: LECO Model: GPX-200

Sample Prep Lead: Bryan Forsmann(208) 533-8161

Manufacturer: LECO
Model: GPX-200

Precision Saw – Non-Radioactive

Manufacturer: Buehler Model: SS-1000 Spectrum System

Sample Prep Lead: Bryan Forsmann(208) 533-8161

Manufacturer: Buehler
Model: SS-1000 Spectrum System

Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS)

Dr. Sinter Spark Plasma Sintering Furnace

Manufacturer/Model: Dr. Sinter Spark Plasma Sintering Furnace

10kN-50kN force on punch and die
1-20V 1500A
Air-Vacuum-or inert gas environment
Ramp rates of 100’s degree C possible