Energy Policy Institute (EPI)

The Energy Policy Institute (EPI), located on the Boise State University campus, provides robust and timely research that meets the challenges of an increasingly carbon-constrained economy, which include the need for energy and environmental security, as well as sustainable economic development.

EPI has the unique capability to leverage the know-how of researchers and faculty from the CAES partners to match specific research projects and the needs of stakeholders and funding agencies at the international, national, regional, and local levels.

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Energy Efficiency Research Institute (CEERI)

The CAES Energy Efficiency Research Institute (CEERI), based out of Boise State University, promotes the efficient and effective use of energy resources through cutting edge research, accessible education and effective outreach.

CEERI’s goals include developing energy efficiency concepts through research in applied technology and consumer behavior; providing specialized education for energy efficiency technicians, engineers and architects; evaluating existing energy-saving technologies; and creating infrastructure for the accelerated transfer of ideas from the institute to the marketplace.

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